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Atlantic Watersports

3102 S Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582   

About Atlantic Watersports

Atlantic Watersports is located on South Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and has many fun water activities for the entire family! A trip to Atlantic Watersports will make your trip to the beach the perfect vacation! Not only does Atlantic Watersports offer parasailing, banana boat rides, paddleboards, fun cycles, kayaks, and surfboards, but they also have t-shirts and more! 

Parasailing in North Myrtle Beach

Fly high in the air when you go parasailing at Atlantic Watersports, and maybe even spot some wildlife like dolphins or sea turtles! Parasailing is a thrilling yet relaxing experience as you float in the clouds. You may even go for a dip on your way back to the boat! 

Banana Boat Rides

Get a group of 6 people together and enjoy a wild ride on the waves on Atlantic Watersports Banana Boats! Their Coast Guard-licensed captains will give you the ride of your life!

Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals are available at Atlantic Watersports too! When renting a Paddle Board, you will start with orientation and training on the beach for 10 minutes. They will cover safety, skills, etiquette, knowledge, laws, technique, maximum stability, strokes, turning, and more! It costs $30 for the 1st hour and $5 for each additional hour to rent a Paddle Board.

Fun Cycles

Fun Cycles are a three-wheeled, low-to-the-ground bike that kids love to zip around the beach on! Kids are always speeding past the crowds on Atlantic Watersports Fun Cycles!


Kayak rentals at Atlantic Watersports are right on the beach! There is no need to transport the kayak with a car when it is waiting for you to climb in and paddle out right on the shore! The Tandem Kayak costs $30 for the 1st hour and $5 for each additional hour. The Single Kayak costs $20 for the 1st hour and $5 for each additional hour. 


Have you been dying to learn to surf? Well, Atlantic Watersports in North Myrtle has you covered! They offer longboards, shortboards, fun shapes, and beginner foam boards to rent! Surfboard rentals cost $15 for the 1st hour and $5 for each additional hour.

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