Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The Melting Pot

5001 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   
(843) 692-9003

About The Melting Pot

This popular national chain has transformed the 1970s culinary fad of fondue into modern chic. Featuring heating stations at the center of each table, The Melting Pot lives up to its name by placing a boiling cauldron of tasty broth or gooey goodness at your table for cooking and dipping. It’s a perfect place for a fun or romantic date.

Melting Pot Food

Fondue, for the uninitiated, is a European favorite that involves a communal vat of melted cheese for dipping, and The Melting Pot delivers plenty of that as an appetizer, with apples, broccoli, bread and other items forked and dredged through the mix. But The Melting Pot also offers hot, flavored broths prepared tableside for cooking small portions of steak, chicken, pork, seafood and more, along with creative dipping sauces that make each bite unique. The Melting Pot saves the best for last; the desserts are to die for. Featuring melted chocolate with nuts used to dip strawberries, bananas, pieces of cake and, yes, more chocolate, many couples drop in late just for dessert alone. An extensive wine list helps you uncork the perfect match for your meal.

Melting Pot Atmosphere

The Melting Pot is romantic and intimate. With booths and tables designed for communal dining, it’s easy for couples and larger parties to enjoy a good time. Soft candles and music set the mood and an accommodating staff allow for relaxation. A full five-course meal can take up to two hours so guests can enjoy the evening and conversation without feeling rushed or hushed.

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