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The Boundary House

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1045 River Rd, Calabash, NC 28467   

About The Boundary House

The Boundary House is located in Calabash, North Carolina, behind Callahan’s Gift Shop. The Boundary House has quite an amazing history, and the story lives on in the restaurant today. The original “Boundary House” was built by 24 gentlemen as a place of rendezvous for travelers before 1750 on the state line between North and South Carolina. As time continued, the Boundary House stood through the Revolutionary War, and there was even a dual there in 1804. There was a time before the Civil War that the Boundary House didn’t exist. Still, surveyors used an old confederate war map showing the “Boundary House Chimney” when they re-ran the state line in 1928 and found the location of The Boundary House to prove the location of the state line they knew it ran through the center of the building. 

The Boundary House offers a lunch menu, dinner menu, kids menu, beer and drink list, and a to-go/catering menu! Their menus offer amazing coastal cuisine that will have the entire family wanting to come back for more! Their dinner menu consists of amazing appetizers, soups, salads, chicken dishes, pasta, sandwiches, beef and pork dishes, fresh seafood, and dessert! Some of their fantastic appetizers include fried calamari, spinach artichoke dip, scallops, and more! You have to try their Calabash Seafood Gumbo when you go! They only serve USDA Choice beef, and their seafood is fresh from the coastal waters! The lunch menu is served daily from 11 am to 3 pm and has so many amazing options to choose from. They have daily features that include the Taco Salad and Chicken Parmesan! They also have lunch combos. The lunch combos include your choice of one entree and one side item. Some options to choose from for the lunch combo are chicken tenders, founder, 1/2 a rack of baby back ribs, and more! 

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Avg. rating based on 1 reviews

  • Outstanding Restaurant in Calabash!

    Excellent food and superior service! Enough said.

    Jeff user