Snak Shak

5211 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577     (843) 602-7344
About Snak Shak

This Myrtle Beach institution served hungry beachgoers and gossiping locals on Ocean Boulevard for more than a decade before moving to its new inland location in Pine Lakes Plaza in 2011. The motto is the same and just as true: “Good Food, Bad Company, Great Gossip.” Owner/operator Andy Graham serves as the ringmaster while also serving up excellent food.

Snak Shak Food

Breakfast and daily lunch specials are the main draw at The Snak Shak, where regulars sit elbow to elbow at the lunch counter and solve the world’s problems over sweet tea and coffee. Breakfast features the Southern standards – eggs, bacon, sausage and toast or an excellent western omelet with ham, cheese, peppers and onions. Daily lunch specials consist of rotating favorites, like the grilled pork chops and two sides on Mondays, fried chicken and two sides on Tuesdays, and Seafood Fridays with flounder, shrimp and oysters served with cole slaw and fries. Lots of sandwich and burger options on the main menu too, but the specials are the way to go.

Snak Shak Atmosphere

Light-hearted and friendly, the Snak Shak serves as the local gossip hole as much as a restaurant. Featuring a few small tables and counter-top seating, the dining area is small and intimate enough for there to one one topic of conversation among the whole diner. You can enjoy a good meal and maybe even make a friend or two by having breakfast or lunch at the Snak Shak.


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