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1316 Celebrity Circle, V171, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   

About Kilwins

Treat yourself to a sweet treat at Kilwins at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach! Since 1947, Kilwins has been satisfying the sweet tooth of America with high quality chocolates, ice cream, and confections, along with unbeatable customer service. Kilwins was built on the ideal of creating their products from the best ingredients around, and the company continues to do that to this day by offering fine products to customers, coupled with excellent service and support from caring owner operators.

The confections and ice cream at Kilwins are hand-made with premium ingredients in the on-site kitchen at each location. Guests at Kilwins will be welcomed into an authentic taste and sensory experience that is unlike any other. Visitors will be able to tell the quality of Kilwins’ products from sight, taste, touch, and smell that will have them coming back for more.

Some of the 75 different delectable products that can be found at Kilwins at Broadway at the Beach include fudge, candied apples, corns, brittles, chocolates, truffles, and much more. And, did you know that the burnished copper kettle fire mixer used to make their peanut brittle predates World War II?

Kilwins has built a huge fan base over the years, and loyal customers have come to know the company as “My Kilwins.” Kilwins prides themselves as a place where people celebrate, vacation, and share the experience of life, family, and gifting in a nostalgic Americana setting.

Their tagline? “Sweet in every Sense since 1947.”

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Avg. rating based on 1 reviews

  • not only the sweetest place in town but it has the sweetest owner in town Chris Feldman

    now I love good ice cream, I know good ice cream as I was involved with a large ice cream company. This place has the places I visited in the Myrtle Beach area beat by a long shot. Now you get great flavor,great inclusions (those are the items put into ice cream ) and the size of the servings are huge. The candy in the store is mind bogaling . I have never seen such fancy but great items ever. The servers are just the nicest young people and so I am sure the Feldmans teach them how to take care of the customer. example. I was talking to Mr.Feldman about the high quality and butterfat in his ice cream and my family were outside in the heat. One of the girls took glasses of cold water out to my people who where about 50 ft. from the store. The store is spotless,with the owner in the store. Located on the boardwalk it is just a fun place to go and get great ice cream and candy. Not to be missed when in Myrtle Beach,S.Carolina.....

    bARRY E NEWMAN user