Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Habanero’s – Pawleys Island

11151 Ocean Highway, Pawley's Island, SC 29585   
(866) 679-2514

About Habanero’s – Pawleys Island

This isn’t your average Americanized-Mexican restaurant where only the numbers change

on the same standard specials. Habeneros breaks the mold with its family-owned and
operated cantina that serves authentic Mexican dishes with a Lowcountry twist. Located in
Pawleys Island, where excellent dining options abound, Habeneros is a favorite among locals
and visitors alike.

Habaneros Food

No pre-fabricated and microwaved meals at this establishment; just fresh Mexican fare with
a little Lowcountry flair. Yes, Habeneros serves all the traditional favorites one expects from
a Mexican restaurant – tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. But the coastal location lends itself to
some creative seafood dishes to order from south of the border. Fish tacos and chipotle
shrimp are among the house favorites for both lunch and dinner. Daily specials are also
often seafood-centric, based on the local fresh catch, and land-food lovers can get their fill
with the steaming skillets of fajitas. A full bar lets guests wash it all down with cold beer or

Habaneros Atmosphere

Habeneros looks like a place you might find on a beach in Mexico. A giant front porch
accounts for nearly half the seating inside and offers guests a shaded and laid-back place to
eat or chill out. The patio is more festive and friendly while the indoor seating gives guests a
little more peace and quiet. The crowd is diverse but folks from all walks of life seem to
share the common goals of great food and good times.

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