Foster’s Cafe & Bar

6401 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572     (843) 449-7945
About Foster’s Cafe & Bar

Foster’s is a locals’ hangout that is tourist friendly. Featuring a full bar and dining area with booths and bar stools, the pool table is the centerpiece of activity. That’s where you will likely find owners Don and Debby Fonda, who have managed to keep  virtually the same staff for the 15 years they have run the establishment.

Foster’s Food

Patrons are often impressed by the menu and execution of what appears to be a bar first and a cafe second. Traditional bar fare is done right at Foster’s, like the wings, nachos and sandwiches. The Cheeseburger Sub, Super Sub and Philly Cheesesteak (the owners are from the Philly area) are popular picks. Nightly specials also are a hit, like Taco Tuesday (two for $1.50) and Pizza Thursday (a large three-topping for $7.95). Football Sundays are the days to hit Fosters for great lunch specials, a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar and good-natured fun between fans, especially supporters of the rival Steelers and Eagles.

Foster’s Atmosphere

Foster’s isn’t much to look at from the outside given its strip-mall location, and the interior is what one might expect from a local sports bar, with lots of TVs and sports memorabilia adorning the walls. But it’s the friendly neighborhood atmosphere that makes the magic and keeps many coming back time after time.


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