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Motorcycles in Myrtle Beach

Bike rallies, great weather make Grand Strand a perfect spot for bikers

Getting around Myrtle Beach via motorcycle is a great way to see the sights and feel the salty air blowing by as you cruise across the Grand Strand.

One of the best parts about being a motorcycle owner here is that you can ride year round. Because of the average highs during the winter are still nearly 60 degrees there’s never any reason to stash your bike in a garage or “winterize” it.

Another bonus for bikers in Myrtle Beach is their proximity to popular spring and fall bike rallies held annually here.

There’s the Cruisin’ The Coast Spring Harley-Davidson Rally held for 10 days toward the beginning of May as well as the Atlantic Beach Bikefest (which attracts mostly sport bike riders) held over Memorial Day Weekend each year. A smaller fall Harley-Davidson rally is also held each October.

These events bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors for week-long celebrations of the biker lifestyle with tons or parties, rides and events scheduled at venues with colorful names like Suck Bang Blow, The Beaver Bar, The Rat Hole and Spokes & Bones Saloon.

Whether you’re attending one of the rallies or just rolling around town, you’ll want to make sure and follow the local motorcycle laws. Among these regulations are laws stating requiring use of headlights, even during the day, mirrors on both sides of the bike and helmets and eye protection for riders younger than 21.

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