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Tips for Packing for Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation
Be sure to pack plenty of protection from the sun, especially in the summer months when it's at its strongest.

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Tips for Packing for Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation

We don’t know many people who actually enjoy packing. Yes, you’re excited to getaway, but wouldn’t it be easier to have someone do it for you? We’re here to help ease the pain of packing by giving you a few tips on what to include in your suitcase on your next Myrtle Beach vacation, with a few extra tips for fun on the beach thrown in.

1. Check off the Necessities! Just for all of us who only forget the important things, make sure you have your wallet, purse, cash, credit cards, ID or driver’s license, car and house keys and if you’re careful, duplicate sets kept in a different bag. Grab your eyeglasses and/or contact lenses plus lens cleaner and your favorite drops, because salt and sand don’t do anything good for red itchy eyes. Get your watch; prescriptions and other medications, (heartburn and migraines don’t make for a great vacation.) Do you have itineraries, tickets or reservation confirmations? Do you need maps or directions? Did you grab your cell phone charger?

2. For clothing, think cool, comfy, cotton. Have a complete change of clothes for each person per day. Check the forecast before packing so you can plan for the right type of clothing. Have a lightweight sweater or jacket and long pants for cooler evenings. Pack beach cover-ups or roomy T-shirts to put on over swimsuits when you’ve had enough sun. Have a hat, and one for your kids too, because you can’t build sandcastles under the umbrella. You’ll want sunglasses with UV protection for adults, and cute ones with a strap for children. Have sandals of course, ideally ones that are easy to hose off.

3. Pack Doubles. Always have two swimsuits per person, so everyone always has a dry one. Beach towels, again two per person is ideal, for dryness.

4. Bring a first-aid kit in case of blisters or jellyfish and be sure to include aloe for sunburn. Have waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and bring it down to the beach all day for reapplications. You’ll be thankful for lip balm with sunscreen and body lotion for after the sun as well.

5. Pack your cooler full and cold. First, pack lots of water, kid-friendly drinks with a high concentration of water and, for fun, throw in a sliced up watermelon. Always drain your cooler before you try to carry it back up at the end of the day, it will be much lighter.

6. Commit to the fun stuff! Have floaties or lifejackets for young swimmers, ones whose safety regulations you are familiar with. Everyone loves a shovel and a pail- they’re classic- but for those who are more detail-oriented, sandcastle molds are very cute. How about a Frisbee and a paddleball set, or my favorites, bocce ball and a kite? Grab a book and a large beach bag for toting around all of these things.

8. Bring down folding beach chairs, a sun umbrella and a blanket or quilt to spread out. Towels are for wrapping yourself in and are of no use to wet children when they are sandy.

9. Bring plastic baggies- zip top ones. Put your phone in one, you can answer it without ever removing it and your keys in another to keep everything sand free. You can even put your IPod speakers in gallon-sized bags- it works! 

10. When the day is over and everyone is sick of swimming, have books and magazines for kids and adults. When the sun has exhausted its charm for the evening, have toys, playing cards, and board games; Taboo is a good one for groups of any size.

Top Five Things You Might not Think to Pack for a Beach Trip With Kids
1.    Swim diapers! Babies waddle when their pants swell up. 
2.    Two gallon jug of water with a pull out pour spout, left in the car, to rinse your feet before you get back in that car all sandy. Not all beach accesses have a hose or shower.
3.    Sun glasses with straps for the young ones.
4.    Lip balm with sunscreen- when lips blister it hurts!
5.    Liquid sunscreen to bring down to the beach. No matter how cool and convenient a spray bottle is, the wind makes them nonfunctional and it burns when it gets in your eyes.