A little research and planning can save money on parking meters during your beach trip.
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Places to Park in Myrtle Beach

By MyrtleBeach.com
July 6, 2015

It is always fun driving through Myrtle Beach; there are so many sights, attractions, and interesting people that grace our city. But what happens when you want to pull over and get out of your car? Parking can be an issue in the city and, if you are not a city resident of Myrtle Beach and don’t have a free parking pass, parking meters and lots can be quite pricey. Oftentimes, though we would love to enjoy the entertainment available, our pockets are empty and there is no change to spare for the parking meter.

You’re in luck. We have a full list of parking meters and rates throughout Myrtle Beach. This way, you are able to check out the places to park close to your desired destination, as well as how much it will cost in advance. Good idea, huh?

While some meters may vary, most Myrtle Beach parking meters are in effect from March 1 through October 31 and are enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., every day of the week. The rates vary, too. Here is the list (updated May 1, 2015):

Tier 1:

$2.00 per hour and $10 all day on all street ends.

• 29th Ave. S. to 31st Ave. N.
• 52nd and 53rd Aves N.
• 69th Ave. N. to 77th Ave. N.


Tier 2:
   $1.75 per hour and three hour maximum.

• Flagg Street from 6th Ave. N. to 8th Ave. N.
• York Street
• Chester Street from 7th Ave. N. to 14th Ave. N.
• 7th, 8th, 9th,  and 10th  Aves. N. from Ocean Boulevard to Kings Highway
• 14th and 15th Aves. N. from Withers Ally to Chester Street.
• Withers Drive from 9th Ave. N. to 15th Ave. N.
• Withers Ally from Mr. Joe White Ave. to 14th Ave. N.

Tier 3:

   $1.50 per hour and $8 all day:

• Ocean Boulevard 29th Ave. S. to 23rd Ave. N.
• 22nd Ave. N. from Ocean Boulevard to Cassandra
• 18th , 17th and 15th  Aves. S. from Ocean Boulevard to Yaupon Drive
• Flagg Street from 1st Ave. S. to 6th Ave. N.
• 4th and 6th Aves. N. from Flagg Street to Chester Street
• 12th, 13th, and 14th Aves. N. from Chester Street to Kings Highway
• Chester Street from 14th Ave. N. to 17th Ave. N.
• Withers Drive from 16th Ave. N. to 26th Ave. N.
• 16th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, and 29th Aves. N. from Ocean Boulevard to Kings Highway
• 1st Ave. S. from Ocean Boulevard to Chester Street
• 2nd Ave. N. from Ocean Boulevard to Chester Street

Keep in mind that some meters (marked with green stickers) are available for all-day parking while others (marked with red stickers) have time constraints.

Also, if you have a valid handicapped, Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans or Medal of Honor license tag or an official handicapped hang tag, then you are able to park for free at any public parking meter in the state of South Carolina.

Thanks to technology, you may also pay for parking using a mobile app. The Parkmobile service allows you to pay for your parking meter with a credit card through your phone. This app is free, and your meter time gets charge to your credit card. Just pay a small amount of 35-cents per use. You can sign up for the Parkmobile service by visiting www.parkmobile.com or by calling 877-727-5714.

For more information about public parking in Myrtle Beach, visit our local government website.