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Myrtle Beach Parking
A little research and planning can save money on parking meters during your beach trip.

The Myrtle Beach Area
Myrtle Beach Parking

Knowing where to park in Myrtle Beach takes the stress out of touring The Grand Strand. The city offers parking garages and public spaces at varying rates. And plenty of the public parking spaces in Myrtle Beach are free from November through February, during the off-season. Parking gets more chaotic during peak season, when meters and pay stations go live. Public spaces at the beach accesses, beach parking lots, parking garages, the downtown Arts District, and around the Boardwalk fill quickly, but the parking prices are affordable compared to what you’ll find in other beach towns. Expect to pay $3/hour at beach accesses and $2/hour downtown and elsewhere in the city. All-day rates range from $10 to $15; privately owned parking garages are typically more expensive than the municipal lots.

While some meters may vary, most Myrtle Beach metered parking is in effect from March 1 through October 31 and is enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., every day of the week. The rates vary, too. Here is the most recent price list (updated July 1, 2022):

Tier 1: Beach Accesses & Street Ends

 $3.00 per hour and $15 all day on all street ends:

  • All beach accesses and street ends city wide

Tier 2:  Core Business District

$2.00 per hour, no all-day single rate:

  • All metered or signed parking on streets from (and including) 6th to 16th Avenues North, between Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway

Tier 3: Secondary

 $2.00 per hour and $10 all day:

  • All metered or signed parking on streets from 29th Avenue South to Sixth Avenue North, between Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway
  • All metered or signed parking on streets from 16th Avenue North to 67th Avenue North, between Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway

Is there free parking at Myrtle Beach?

The City of Myrtle Beach provides free public parking in metered spaces and public beach accesses from November 1 to the last day in February. There’s also a year-round municipal parking lot on the north side of Main Street, east of Hillside Drive, that offers free parking before 9am and after 5pm.

NOTE: In South Carolina, any vehicle with a valid Handicap Placard, Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, Medal of Honor license tag, military plates issued after May 6, 2022, or a valid and official handicapped hang tag, may park for free at any public parking meter any time of the year.

How much does it cost to park at Myrtle Beach?

Parking rates vary in Myrtle Beach depending on the time of year and the location. During the off-season, from November through February, public parking is free. This time of year is the “free parking season” at Myrtle Beach although a few privately owned lots may continue to charge. On March 1, meters go back up for “pay-to-park season,” with rates at $3/hour for public beach accesses. For $15, you can park all day at the street ends. Public parking in the Myrtle Beach business district costs $2/hour, but there’s no all-day rate. Farther out from the beach, public parking costs $2/hour with a $10 daily rate.

How do I reserve parking at Myrtle Beach?

Public parking in Myrtle Beach is on a first-come, first-served basis, so there’s no reserving parking although you can pay for your spot through the ParkMobile app or Text-to-Pay. Your Myrtle Beach hotel will likely reserve a parking spot for you on their property, and Seven Day Visitor Parking Passes are available to purchase from Reef Parking at the Pavilion Parking Garage. These passes cost $50 and they’re good for any metered public parking space. Myrtle Beach residents qualify for a free two-year residential parking decal which allows for free parking in municipal spots and public “decal-only” spaces.

How much does it cost to park at Cherry Grove Pier?

Currently, Cherry Grove Pier is under construction to rebuild from damage sustained during Hurricane Ian. Prior to Ian, parking was $2/hour although that price may change when the pier reopens for business as usual. Fishing at the pier is one of the top things to do in Cherry Grove, and many visitors to Myrtle Beach included it as part of their vacation tradition for generations. 

During any time of the year, Myrtle Beach offers so many things to do, and you’ll want to concentrate on relaxing and having fun instead of worrying about parking. It’s worth a quick call to your destination, outfitter, or restaurant to ask about parking beforehand if you aren’t sure. Remember to check our hottest deals on hotel rooms and suites to find great rates for your next Myrtle Beach vacation or weekend getaway.