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This historic city is home to many restaurants and shops conveniently located near the scenic waterfront

One of the earliest European settlements was in the port city of Georgetown, where the native Waccamaw and Winyah Indians first encountered European settlers as early as 1526.

Georgetown became a city more than two centuries later in 1729, when the waterfront was a center for trade, especially rice and indigo. Georgetown once produced more than half the rice exported from the America, but the Civil War marked the end of rice as the cityís cash crop.

The British took control of Georgetown for almost a year during the Revolutionary War until local legend Francis Marion, aka “The Swamp Fox,” led raids to wrest control from the Red Coats.

Lumber harvesting and processing, commercial fishing, and a steel and paper mill on the downtown waterfront have driven the economy in the modern era, but the historic downtown district has experienced a major revitalization along the River Walk.

Shops and seafood restaurants line the bay and celebrations are held to celebrate the cityís nautical roots. The downtown area is lined with antebellum and colonial era homes, 60 of which are listed on the National Historic Register.

Tours are available of some of the more famous sites, such as the Rice Museum, the Kaminski House, the S.C. Maritime Museum and several old churches.

As the county seat of Georgetown County, the city has its own police and fire departments, public works and utilities. Georgetown is led by a city council and has an active citizenry in local politics, historical preservation and conservation.

Children attend Georgetown High, part of the Georgetown County school system.

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Hobcaw Barony

Hobcaw Barony

Everywhere has a past, but not everywhere has people dedicated to preserving the history associated with the place. …

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