Myrtle Beach International Airport

Myrtle Beach Airport

Thanks to a new terminal, more seating capacity and a larger list of available destinations, Myrtle Beach International Airport sees a growing number of passengers come through its gates each year. While nearly 80 percent of all Myrtle Beach visitors still travel by car, the number of visitors flying to the Grand Strand for their vacation is steadily increasing. Traveling here via airplane is now a popular option for visitors from Canada, as well as larger U.S. cities with direct flights to the area such as Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. To help the growing number of travelers choosing to fly to the beach, we’ve created this guide to the MYR airport with everything you need to know from which airline to fly and how to get around, to where to eat and which lot to park in.


Carriers & Destinations

Myrtle Beach International Airport is served by seven different carriers with airlines flying non-stop to and from 29 different markets. There are also a number of seasonal flights, many which begin in the spring and run throughout the tourism season, which help make travel convenient for visitors up and down the East Coast, throughout the Midwest and into Canada. Here’s a look at which carriers serve the Myrtle Beach area:

Allegiant Seasonal Flights:


American Airlines


Porter Seasonal Flights:

Spirit Airlines

US Airways


Non-stop Flights:

Sun Country Airlines


Restaurants & Shops

With the renovation of the main terminal, there are now several new options for dining in Myrtle Beach International Airport. Here’s a look at the places you can grab a bite to eat or a last-minute snack before your flight:

Boardwalk Cafe

Located on the first floor of the new terminal, Boardwalk Cafe is a quick service cafe open to passengers and those waiting to pick them up.  Grab a drink or a bite and enjoy the quaint atmosphere while you take a moment to relax.

Caribou Coffee

The nation’s second largest java company, Caribou Coffee is a great place to grab a specialty cup of joe, espresso, or a tasty pastry while you’re waiting to get on the plane.

Hudson News

Reading is a time-tested way to pass the hours on a flight, and Hudson News is the spot to pick up your favorite magazine, newspaper, best-seller, snack, beverage, and pretty much anything else you might need to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Nacho Hippo

A Myrtle Beach original, Nacho Hippo serves up some delicious twists on traditional nachos and Mexican cuisine. Vegetarians can munch on the Tree Hugger, while those in the mood for some heat can test their taste buds with the Fire in the Hole nachos. In addition to the large mounds of chips, Nacho Hippo also serves tacos, quesadillas, soups, and salads to satisfy every appetite.  See full profile…

Steak ‘N’ Shake

This chain restaurant has been cooking up some of the best fast-food burgers and shakes for more than 75 years. In addition to their famous burgers — made special with ground T-bone, sirloin, and round steak — they also offer specialty sandwiches and salads. See full profile…


Parking at the Airport

Myrtle Beach International Airport offers Short Term and Long Term parking options, as well as a Credit Card lot, which is the most budget-friendly option for longer stays. The airport also offers designated handicap parking spaces for your convenience in each of the lots, as well as courtesy free parking for special needs passengers in the short term lot. In addition, curbside porter services are available, call 843-916-9287 for more info.

Short Term/Hourly Parking

The short term lot is the closest to the main terminal and the best option for a quick pick-up or drop off. In this lot the first 20 minutes are free, with each additional 20 minutes costing $1, up to a maximum of $15.

Long Term Parking

Parking in the long-term lot costs $2 for the first four hours and then $9 for parking between 4 and 24 hours.

Credit Card Lot

This long-term parking lot is the best option for those keeping their car overnight or for multiple days. The fee is $1 per hour, up to a maximum cost of $7 per day.

Handicap Parking

Handicapped parking is available at no cost throughout any of the airport’s lots.


Rental Cars

There are several convenient rental car companies operating at the airport and throughout the Myrtle Beach area. For a full list of companies and more information visit our Rental Cars page.


Public Transportation

If you need a ride from the airport to your Myrtle Beach hotel or you’re looking for an alternative to driving during your vacation, you can choose to get around via taxi, shuttle, bus or car service. For more information on these options visit our public transportation page.