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The Ultimate Packing List for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Remembering everything on your Myrtle Beach packing list may seem impossible when you have beach on the brain, but we’re here to help! Follow this guide to enjoy less stressful and more organized suitcase packing. Our tips for what to pack for Myrtle Beach in any season, beach bag must-haves, and other useful tips for families will make sure your bags are filled with everything you need for a fun trip to the Grand Strand.

Packing List Essentials for Myrtle Beach

From clothes to toiletries to shoes, what you pack for Myrtle Beach mostly depends on the month, the temperature and precipitation, and what your itinerary entails, but you’ll need to gather items in these categories to be sure you haven’t missed a thing. Use the rest of these tips to help you narrow your choices by month, so you bring what you need, and leave what you don’t.

  1. Personal Items: Turning back for identification, credit cards, cash, or insurance cards can make you miss a flight or lose valuable vacation time.
  2. Resort Information: Keep the confirmation numbers and addresses, check-in instructions, and car rental paperwork handy in your bag or on your mobile phone.
  3. Electronics: Remember your phone, camera, memory cards, plus kids’ tablets and e-readers, and plenty of chargers, for things to do while traveling.
  4. Clothing: Pack weather-appropriate casual clothing and plan for two outfits a day, plus gym gear if you will use the hotel fitness center or exercise outdoors.
  5. Event-Specific Attire: Verify dress codes if you plan to hit the links while in Myrtle Beach, and if you have fine dining reservations, make sure you bring appropriate clothing and accessories, including a change of purse, shoes, and jewelry for the occasion.
  6. Swimwear: This deserves its own line item because whenever you head to Myrtle Beach, you should pack a bathing suit. Most resorts have heated pools and jacuzzis to enjoy when the ocean and outdoor water parks are too cold.
  7. Shoes: Myrtle Beach has hiking, biking, water sports, and lots of sand—all which can require a change of shoes, so pack practical footwear for all of your activities.
  8. Toiletries & Meds: Most hotels and resorts provide basic shower items, but it’s up to you to remember your eyeglasses for reading or driving and/or contact lenses plus solution, eye drops to combat saltwater, plus any prescriptions or other medications.
  9. Accessories: Whether the umbrella you bring is for the beach or for the rain, consult the calendar to know what accessories you’re most likely to need.

What To Pack for Myrtle Beach in the Winter

Your list of what to pack and wear in Myrtle Beach in the winter should include lightweight clothing that layers easily. The daytime 50s and 60s can be warm, but the evenings are brisk, especially by the ocean. You will want a thick sweater or jacket to keep you comfortable in the cold nighttime hours. The ocean temperatures in January and other winter months hover at a chilly 50℉, so pack sneakers for winter beach walks as the wet sand is cool on bare toes. If you do want to step into the ocean, pack capris or cargo pants that roll easily to make sure you aren’t stuck in cold, wet clothing.

Myrtle Beach gets all dressed up for the holidays, and you might want to, too. If you’re packing for a December trip, bring a few nicer outfits as there are endless places to pose for photos in front of decorated trees and festive backdrops. You may also want to consider packing a dress or suit to take advantage of February Valentine’s Day festivities and fine dining specials. 

What To Pack for Myrtle Beach in the Spring

Knowing what to wear in Myrtle Beach in the spring can be tricky due to the mix in weather and temperatures. March hovers in the 60s by day, so pack clothing for hiking and biking, as you can do it all without breaking a sweat in the spring, but you will also want a sweater or jacket to layer up in the evenings. By the end of April, Myrtle Beach is hitting the 70s and so your packing list should include shorts, sandals, and T-shirts, but you still might need a windbreaker and sneakers when the sun goes down. May is a gorgeous time to visit Myrtle Beach and your suitcase should be packed with warm-weather clothing, swimsuits, and beach gear, as you’ll likely spend a good deal of time outdoors. 

What To Pack for Myrtle Beach in the Summer

Beachwear should top your Myrtle Beach packing list for summer vacations. Include more than one bathing suit and towel to give them time to dry between outings. In a single day you might swim at the beach, in your resort’s pool, or at a waterpark. Having multiple options will save you from the battle of pulling on a wet swimsuit! The air conditioning is on full blast by June, so be sure to pack a cover-up or a T-shirt to wear while you’re walking to and from the beach and/or pool for added comfort in the AC. July and August have all of the warmth you’d expect on a beach vacation. Pack cool cotton or linen tank tops, shorts, T-shirts, and all of your favorite swimwear, plus comfortable sandals that won’t be ruined if they get wet. Because July is the rainiest month in Myrtle Beach, toss an umbrella and a sweater into your suitcase so you won’t get soggy going from place to place, and you won’t freeze once inside the cool buildings. 

Summer Beach Bag Checklist for Myrtle Beach

Beyond swimwear, the most important thing to pack for your Myrtle Beach summer vacation is your beach bag. When you’re here and ready to hit the beach, use this quick checklist to make sure your bag is packed with what you need to avoid wasting a beach day running between the sand and your room. Pro Tip: Use a large cooler bag as your beach tote to keep everything cool, with less to carry!

  1. Sunscreen & After Sun or Aloe
  2. Sunglasses/Hat
  3. Towels
  4. Chairs or Blanket & Beach Umbrella
  5. Baggies to Keep Your Phone & e-Reader Dry
  6. Beach Toys or a Book
  7. Bottled Water/Cold Beverages
  8. Snacks
  9. Jellyfish First Aid (Vinegar & Tweezers)
  10. Insect Repellent

What To Pack for Myrtle Beach in the Fall

Fall temperatures in Myrtle Beach are quite warm in September, reaching the mid-80s, so wearing summer clothing is still appropriate. The ocean is still warm enough for swimming and most, if not all, resort amenities are still open. This means you’ll want to pack plenty of swimwear, sunblock, and beach accessories. If you’re headed here in October, consider bringing easy-to-pack costumes for kids—or yourself—to attend area Halloween events. The temperatures begin cooling off as fall progresses, but count on lots of sun and warm daytime temperatures. An assortment of summer and fall clothing will keep you comfortable in October. There are tons of outdoor fall festivals, holiday markets, and tree lighting ceremonies around Myrtle Beach starting in November, so you will want to be prepared with long-sleeve shirts or a jacket and long pants for cooler evenings, which can drop to the mid-50s. 

Myrtle Beach Vacation Packing Tips for Families With Kids

Make room in your bags for these items when packing for Myrtle Beach with kids, as they’re non-negotiable. If you don’t, you might find yourself buying them at the beach:

  1. Toys: You’ll find the beach to be way more relaxing and your kids’ will find it way more fun with an inflatable ball, goggles, floaties, and sand toys.
  2. Life Jackets: Bringing a life jacket from home makes sure your child is comfortable wearing it and thus can help prevent any beach day meltdowns.
  3. Swim Diapers: Regular diapers swell and are uncomfortable when water-logged.
  4. Glasses Straps: These help save kids’ glasses and sunglasses from getting swallowed up by the ocean and keep them available anytime they need them. 
  5. Hats for Kids: Children aren’t likely to stay confined under the umbrella when there’s a whole beach to explore. Pack a hat to provide extra sun protection anywhere they go, and a rash guard is another great way to block the sun, too.
  6. Lip Balm With Sunscreen: Lips blister when they burn, and that hurts—play it safe with SPF balm.
  7. Liquid Sunscreen: While a spray sunscreen seems easier, it can be impossible to aim the mist on a windy beach!
  8. Water Shoes: For delicate toddler feet, water shoes can help steady them on the sand and protect their toes from hot sand, shells, or sharp rocks. 
  9. Sun-Free Entertainment: For winding kids down for bed or taking a break from the sun, pack books, card games, tablets, and other things to do to keep everyone busy.

When you’re prepping for a Myrtle Beach vacation, remember to consult this handy guide to make sure you pack the essentials, plus the right clothing to wear for the weather and events. It’s tempting to pack for the beach and nothing else, but our ultimate packing list will keep you prepared for nights out, days spent going to attractions, and evening shows and fancy dinners. Forget something? Myrtle Beach has tons of shopping options for beachwear, clothing, shoes, and anything else you could need.