Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Peaches Corner Will Unveil a New Look for 2012
Construction at Peaches Corner on Ocean Boulevard started this week.

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Peaches Corner Will Unveil a New Look for 2012

There’s nothing like fresh Peaches, and Myrtle Beach residents and visitors will be getting a nice homegrown one this spring.

Peaches Corner, a downtown Myrtle Beach institution since 1937, is undergoing major renovations during the offseason and will unveil a new but “old-school Myrtle Beach” look when the project is completed sometime in early 2012.

Located on the corner of Ocean Boulevard and the Ninth Avenue North in the heart of the new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Peaches is currently closed and covered in a shroud of scaffolding and traffic cones. The lunch counter-style restaurant will reopen just in time to celebrate its 75th year of operations.

“Peaches has been a Myrtle Beach landmark for 75 years and we want it to be around for another 75,” said Briggs Dickerson, who operates the restaurant along with his wife, Blair. “It’s going to look brand-new but keep that old-school Myrtle Beach feel.”

That means out with the old awning and carnival-food signage that lined the eatery’s windows for decades and in with a neon-lit signs and refurbished wood and other fixtures inside the restaurant. The upstairs is getting a makeover as well, and a surprise (perhaps a giant peach that hovers over the restaurant?) also are in store.

The Boardwalk area has undergone major changes over the past two years and Peaches is the latest business to take advantage of matching funds from the Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation. The renovation projects have breathed new life into the downtown area after The Pavilion closed five years ago.

The new-look Peaches plans hold a 75th anniversary party sometime in the spring when the restaurant reopens for business.