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Myrtle Beach Fireworks and Beach Safety

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Myrtle Beach Fireworks and Beach Safety

 Summer is always awesome in Myrtle Beach, but while you’re having fun, it is always important to stay safe! Our friend Lt Jonathan Evans from the Myrtle Beach Fire Department gave us some great tips for staying safe this summer with fireworks and at the beach.

Myrtle Beach Fireworks Safety:

  •Fireworks are illegal to possess or use in the city of Myrtle Beach (a hefty fine will apply if you do use fireworks in the city)

 •However, surrounding areas may allow you to use them

 • If you do use fireworks, be careful!

 •Keep fireworks away from your friends, family, or any other spectators

 •Do not shoot or throw fireworks at others

 •Always keep an extinguishing agent such as a hose or fire hydrant near you in case of emergency

 •Never relight a firework that has already been lit as it may explode prematurely

 •Be mindful of the law. Remember: it is always illegal to use or have fireworks in the Myrtle Beach city limits.


 Myrtle Beach Beach Safety:

 •Always be around of your surroundings

 •Pay attention to the beach flags

            Green means Low Hazard

            Yellow means Medium Hazard

            Red means High Hazard

            Double Red means Dangerous Water Conditions/Difficult to Swim

            Blue means Potentially Dangerous Marine Life

•Look for rip currents

•If you get caught in a rip current, don’t fight it; swim parallel to the beach and try to swim back to shore after you feel the current pull away

•Stay hydrated

•Use sunscreen (at least SPF 15)

•Keep an eye on your friends and family to make sure they are staying safe

•If you get a jellyfish sting, talk to a lifeguard. They always keep vinegar on them, which helps to neutralize jellyfish stings. You can also bring vinegar with you to the beach.


Remember, safety is always priority. You can still be safe while having a great time on your Myrtle Beach vacation!