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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Review
Cheer on your knight as he jousts his way to victory!

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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Review

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament promises entertainment and a feast fit for royalty, and they hit the mark on both counts.

My kids, grandparents and I recently visited the Myrtle Beach castle for my son’s birthday, and we were impressed with the quality of both the show and the feast.

The tournament features an epic battle of six knights, each with its own color-coded cheering section in the crowd. As part of the blue knight’s team, we cheered him on against his competitors while booing the evil green knight.

The audience participation was definitely a highlight for the kids. Throughout the show, kids throughout the arena hooted and yelled for their knight waving flags (available for purchase, of course) of support. Even my 4-year-old was riveted by the story and kept a close eye on our knight throughout the battle.

As the knights joust, ride and fight their way to victory, the crowd is served a royal feast of tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, oven-roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-roasted potato and a pastry. The portions are plentiful, and the food is surprisingly good.

My 4-year-old, who is a pretty adventurous eater, slurped up the “dragon soup” and chowed down on the chicken and garlic bread. As expected, my picky 7-year-old stuck to the bread and pastry.

The show is action-packed, featuring horses and even a falcon. The animals were as impressive as the agile knights, performing stunts and routines throughout the evening. The dialogue may be over the heads of young children, but the nonstop action keeps them interested. Both of my kids followed the story even though they didn’t catch every word.

My one piece of advice for parents is to manage expectations with your kids before you go. There are plenty of opportunities to purchase extras throughout the two-hour experience: photos; team flags; swords and weapons; even blinking shot glasses. I recommend setting a budget or a limit on all the fun extras before you go to minimize whining and negotiating during the show.

Medieval Times is located at 2904 Fantasy Way, Myrtle Beach. Check out for discounts and free kids tickets.