Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Flip My Food Visits Peaches Corner

Flip My Food Visits Peaches Corner

If you enjoy some good ol’ fashioned daytime television, then chances are you’ve seen the fun cooking show Flip My Food with Chef Jeff. And, if you’re ever been to Myrtle Beach, chances are you’ve seen (or even eaten at) the historic Peaches Corner in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Well, on September 15, 2015, Chef Jeff and his crew came to Peaches Corner to try some famous recipes as well as create something inspired by the favorite local eatery. The point of Flip My Food is to not only spotlight restaurants and cooks, but also for Chef Jeff to take notable recipes and “flip” them to make them healthier.

When I arrived to Peaches Corner at 9 a.m., Chef Jeff and his crew were already hard at work. I was immediately put into a chair, given the full-fledged makeup treatment, and was told that I would be appearing on the last segment. With the time I had to wait, I tried to set up my camera without getting in the way of the production crew and watched as Chef Jeff worked his magic with Peaches Corner operator Briggs Dickerson.

While my video footage is less-than-desirable, I did have the chance to watch up-close-and-personal as a Peaches crew member named Ryan Cooper cooked up a menu favorite: the Breakfast Burger. Once it was done, the crew all longingly (and I’m sure hungrily) looked on at the wondrous Breakfast Burger with egg yolk dripping in all of its glory. Chef Jeff and Ryan both excitedly sunk their teeth into their respective halves of the sandwich, and, by their reactions upon tasting it, I would confidently say that both of them were very satisfied.

The next dish was cooked up by Chef Jeff, Peaches Corner operator Briggs Dickerson, and his son named Rivers. I sat in the corner, camera ready in case there was a good photo opportunity, and watched as the trio tackled Peaches Corner’s very own: “The Bruiser.” The name itself is intimidating, but upon seeing the behemoth beer battered footlong hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese, chili and onions, I knew that The Bruiser was a dish that I would love to come back for someday on an empty stomach. Chef Jeff loved the Peaches Corner classic, and even revealed to Briggs and Rivers that he had fried up some jalapenos to add to the mix, but decided that it was perfect as it was. Good job, Briggs and Rivers!

For Chef Jeff’s Flip Tip, Briggs, his son Drake, and Chef Jeff showed the audience how to make fried Oreos, as I still sat in the background, drooling over the tasty morsels sitting less than a room away. It was at this point where I didn’t envy the camera crew, who must face this dilemma every day on the job.

The final dish was Chef Jeff’s inspiration: a poached, sliced peach dish that featured sliced grapes, sweet wine, vanilla bean, vanilla powdered sugar, and homemade whipped cream, with sugar cookies on the side. There may have been some other things in there, but I was too busy trying not to jump over the counter to eat it at this point. Chef Jeff recruited Joann Crumpler, who works for Peaches, to join him in crafting this dish, and, once they were done, I was the lucky one chosen to taste the creation. When they called my name, I pushed anxiety away and stepped up in front of the cameras, ready to dig my fork into Chef Jeff’s Peaches Corner inspired dish.

When I say that those sugar cookies were the best cookies I’ve ever had, and that those peaches and grapes were beyond belief, I’m not lying. I can imagine what I will look like on television with my smile and nod as I munch away on those unbelievable treats.

There’s no doubt why Chef Jeff chose to create a peach-centered dish as his final moment with Peaches Corner; he was inspired by the restaurant itself that has been so inspiring to the Myrtle Beach area for decades.  When Chef Jeff kept saying that Peaches Corner was a “peach’s throw away from the beach,” he was right; and I believe that Peaches Corner will forever be a great representation of the Myrtle Beach area.

Thanks Chef Jeff and Peaches Corner for an awesome experience!