Facebook Helps Locate Owner of Lost Bracelet in Myrtle Beach

By Marissa Polascak
July 27, 2018

Grand Strand resident Dawn Nelson and her husband were walking along the beach in Garden City on July 18th when they came across a bracelet with their metal detector. With no luck finding the owner on the beach, the couple did what many people resort to nowadays; posted their findings to Facebook.

Nelson first posted the photo of the bracelet on Facebook, asking friends to share with others to help her find the rightful owner. Her friends shared with their friends, and so-on-and-so-forth, until eventually it was shared over 19 thousand times.

Those on Facebook worked their sharing magic and finally, after being featured on news outlets, the owner was found on July 26th.

Of course, many people may wonder how Nelson was able to be certain that the rightful owner did indeed contact her, and there was one thing that made her sure. The Pandora bracelet that was found had several charms on it – one of which was personalized with a special inscription. The woman who contacted Nelson described the charm with the writing, proving to be the right person.