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7 tips for saving money on your Myrtle Beach vacation

With the economy still in a slump, many families are pinching every penny they can again this year. Scheduling a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life can seem like an extravagance out of your reach. However, if you get a little creative and plan ahead, you can craft a Myrtle Beach vacation to fit your budget. You get the welcome break from reality with a minimum hit to your wallet. Try these seven tips for saving on your family vacation.

1. Bring some friends. Instead of springing for a hotel room for just your immediate family, consider inviting some friends or extended family to share the cost of a multi-room suite, vacation home or condo. If you have kids, invite traveling companions with kids, too. You’ll have instant playmates and entertainment for your little ones.

2. Hunt for coupons. Don’t skip past the brochure racks in the hotel lobby and area supermarkets. They are usually chock full of coupons for local entertainment venues and restaurants. Area visitors’ centers often have discount offers for attractions, too. Check around for the best deals.

3. Have a picnic on the beach. Instead of lunches out, pack some cold cuts or pb&j to eat on the beach. Save some dough for a special meal out at night if you can swing it. (Take home your leftovers for a quick and easy lunch the following day.)

4. Pack smart. Bring as many supplies as you can from home so you don’t get stuck buying essentials such as sunscreen and toothpaste on your trip. If you do forget a common toiletry item, check with your hotel’s front desk to see if they have a complimentary extra.

5. Bring along your own entertainment. Board games, puzzles and card games are good (and free) ways to entertain kids after a long day at the beach or on a rainy day.

6. Budget, budget, budget. Decide before your trip how much you want to spend on dining and entertainment, and stick with it. If you have kids, let them choose an activity within your price range.

7. Watch the clock. You can get better deals at certain times of the day: An afternoon discount at a waterpark or miniature golf course; a late-day tee-time discount; an early-bird special for dinner; food and drink specials during happy hour. Get more for your money by planning around these deals.

And, of course, all this depends on getting a great deal on your Myrtle Beach trip to begin with. Click here for great deals on hotels and rentals from our partners.