X Gym Sports Mall

568 George Bishop Pkwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579  •   (843) 236-0009

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About X Gym Sports Mall

The X Gym Sports Mall in Myrtle Beach is home to many different sporting attractions. Tucked away in Myrtle Beach across from the old Freestyle Music Park, the X Gym is the place to go for all of your sporting needs.

This sports complex requires a membership, however, X Gym Sports Mall does offer daily memberships for vacationers or people who just want to try it out before opting in for a monthly membership. The X Gym Sports Mall also offers pick-up games for different sports.

The X Gym Sports Mall offers services like a gym with workout equipment, multi-purpose playing fields for soccer, lacrosse, and football. Other sport amenities include a hockey rink, volleyball courts, baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, batting cages, and more!


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