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The 15 best (and oddest) things to do while driving to Myrtle Beach

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June 12, 2015

It’s a well known fact that Myrtle Beach is a vacation destination like no other.

A simple cruise down the boulevard or a walk around Broadway at the Beach and you’re sure to see a few of the “Only in Myrtle Beach…” sights that make our area so quirky and charming. From tacky airbrushed T-shirts and gaudy fluorescent beachwear to the over-the-top decor at theme restaurants and fiberglass characters adorning our mini golf courses, there’s plenty of unique sights to see while you’re here.

But as they say “Getting there is half the fun…” and this is absolutely true when driving to Myrtle Beach!

Banking on the business of the many visitors headed to the coast, there are several interesting and quirky stops on the routes that lead you to the beach. Here’s a look at the Top 15 things to do while driving to Myrtle Beach, including some of the best (and oddest) spots along the way:

1. South of The Border & Pedroland

1. South of The Border & Pedroland

Thanks to the dozens of colorful, clever signs and a memorable mascot named Pedro, it’s pretty hard to miss this unique roadside attraction located just south of the S.C.-N.C. border where U.S. 501 and U.S. 95 meet.  For more than 65 years this “highway oasis” has been wowing travelers with attractions including a reptile lagoon, Pedroland kiddie ride park and the Sombrero Tower, a 200-ft. tall observation deck. There’s also 3 restaurants, an ice cream shop, meeting facilities and tons of shopping — including a “Myrtle Beach” shop. • See website

2. Sparky's

2. Sparky's

Located just east of Marion, S.C., on U.S. 501, Sparky’s is a one-stop shop that combines a visitor’s center, gas station and downhome southern bar-b-que restaurant with a gift shop, and a fireworks store. Here you’ll find everything you could ever need for a beach trip — and plenty of things you never knew you needed.  While you're there make sure to pick up lots of beachy trinkets, some tasty fudge, a new pair of leather boots and enough fireworks to light up the entire beach. • See website

3. The Holy City (a.k.a. Charleston, S.C.)

3. The Holy City (a.k.a. Charleston, S.C.)

If not for already being known as one of the state’s top standalone vacation destinations, Charleston would absolutely rank #1 on this list of top places to stop. After all, what’s not to like? From Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter to The City Market and Rainbow Row there’s tons of history and amazing architecture here, not to mention top-notch southern cuisine. Sure, it’s a little more refined — some might say “uppity” or “highfalutin” — than Myrtle Beach, but if you’re coming from the south and have an afternoon to kill, it’s a great place to explore.


4. "Official" Myrtle Beach Visitors Centers

Though these all-inclusive gateways to Myrtle Beach information may not be as exciting as some of the attractions on this list, what is a little quirky about them is names which all seem to include “official” “best” or “world's largest” in the title. (We're all for marketing, but they can't all be the best, can they?) But despite what they lack in credibility, these info centers make up for in useful advice and an abundance of money-saving coupons. No matter which direction you’re traveling, you’re sure to find one on the way in. Locations include, Florence, Marion, Little River and Murrells Inlet.


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