Backstage Mirror Maze

1314 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577  •   (843) 712-1749

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About Backstage Mirror Maze

This family-friendly adventure activity quickly takes participants back in time and into the backstage area of an Off-Broadway Theater where crime is fresh in the air.

Here’s the deal – Mafioso Lucky Luciano and his gangsters have just knocked over the bank next door before using the theater’s backstage as a getaway.

So now it’s up to you and your crowd to help the authorities track these thugs down. The only problem is that the backstage is a maze!

At this Broadway at the Beach attraction, daring participants will try to track Luciano and company through a labyrinth of corridors, trap doors, props, turns, dead-ends, and, of course, mirrors. Which way did he go? Well that’s the million-dollar question, Dick Tracy. And, among other things, the kaleidoscope glasses you’re wearing will only intensify the confusion.

Mirror Maze is designed as an attraction that families of all ages will enjoy, as is The Vault Laser Maze, where it’s now your turn to re-enact the robbery and try to escape through a web of security beams. The goal in this one is to get out with the money in as little time as possible without running into any of the lasers. And time is of the essence – the NYPD are on their way!

The Vault has four different settings so that heisters of all skill levels can attempt to get out with the goods. And if you’re crafty enough, you might see your name on the Top 10 list when you emerge from the scene.

With two exciting attractions in one place, Backstage Mirror Maze is a perfect detour for families that need an exciting way to put some adventure into their day.


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