Big Laughs Theatre

2696 Beaver Run Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

This business has permanently closed
or is no longer in operation.
This business has permanently closed.
This business has permanently closed.
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About Big Laughs Theatre

Just to be clear – this is not a comedy club.

Yes, comedy is performed here by professional funny people, but that’s where the similarities end.

Big Laughs Theatre is a high-energy rock and roll hypnosis show that uses audience participation to fuel the fun. And there are three levels of show to see – Mild Family (G/PG), Fusion (PG/PG-13), and Wild & Crazy Adult (R).

The Mild Family Show features skits like Dancing with the Stars, napkin fights, and simulated roller coaster rides a fishing adventures. At the Fusion Show, men will turn into bikini models, women turn into body-builders, and rap stars are made out of whoever wants to be one. And the Wild & Crazy Show, for adults only, features people being transformed into belly dancers, men giving birth, and all manner of other gut-busting things.

The show is led by husband and wife Rich and Elizabeth Wylde, a comedy duo that has performed all over the country, and on major tv shows like Jerry Springer.

Reservations are recommended, and shows last 90 – 100 minutes (no intermission) depending on how good the audience is at participating.


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