Palmetto Distillery

4801 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29575  •   (843) 238-2855

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About Palmetto Distillery

Palmetto Distillery, home to Palmetto Moonshine, is best known as the first legal moonshine distillery in South Carolina. The idea to open this distillery was conceived by brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs after realizing that the government dislikes moonshiners because they don’t pay taxes. After much hard work and research, Palmetto Moonshine was born, and has become increasingly popular throughout the United States.

Right now, there are quite a few delicious flavors that Palmetto Distillery has to offer. Of course, there is the original White Lightening which is a neutral moonshine. Other flavors include: strawberry, apple pie, blackberry, and peach.

Up until recently, Palmetto Distillery was known as Palmetto Moonshine, but the company decided to change its name in order to expand their product line. Now, you can find an award-winning whiskey on the shelves at any of their retail stores.

Palmetto Distillery also creates a variety of delectable drink mixes that go extremely well with any of the moonshines. You may also try out pantry items such as Palmetto Distillery pickles or barbecue sauce. And, since you will love all of the products Palmetto Distillery has to offer, it is a must to check out the section of their store that features t-shirts, candles, stickers, and much, much more!

Palmetto Distillery currently has three locations:  the original distillery in Anderson, a retail store in Myrtle Beach, and the Zoo On The Roof Likkor Store near Clemson.


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