Rossi’s Italian Restaurant

9636 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572  •   (843) 449-0481

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About Rossi’s Italian Restaurant

Rossi’s Italian Restaurant provides one of the top fine-dining venues in Myrtle Beach.

Opened in 1984 by owner Deane Morris, Rossi’s is a longtime favorite of locals and visitors
alike. Its location at the Galleria on Restaurant Row is a bit hidden but well worth the search
for those who look off the beaten path.

Rossi's Food

Rossi’s is known for its Italian food, including excellent Veal Parmigiana, Linguini with Clam
Sauce, Stuffed Ravioli and Tortellini and Lobster Ravioli. But few know that Rossi’s also
features some of the best steaks and seafood on the Grand Strand. Fresh cuts of beef,
chicken, veal and pork are paired with the freshest fish, shrimp and scallops from the sea to
create unbelievable surf-and-turf combinations. Regulars swear by the Chicken Cacciatora,
Veal Marsala and Bacon-Wrapped Filet, which can be served or topped with lump crab meat
or a giant lobster tail. An extensive dessert and wine list make for a great way to cap a great

Rossi's Atmosphere

Rossi’s creates a romantic, fine-dining experience in a strip-mall location, which isn’t easy to
do. Soft music, candles and engaging artwork help transform this establishment into an
oasis for a date or festive gathering. The adjoining Eighty-Eights Piano Bar is a great place to
have a drink before or after your meal. Featuring live piano music, 88s is a bit more relaxed
than the dining area but just as classy


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