Mr. Sub

1011 Broadway St., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577  •   (843) 448-9851

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About Mr. Sub

The Restaurant

This old-school deli has stood the test of time in downtown Myrtle Beach. Opened in 1979, Mr. Sub has seen the streets around it redesigned, cutting it off from mainstream traffic. But as an established staple for subs and a steady base of regulars and tourists, this family-owned, Pittsburgh-style sub shop not only survives but thrives.

The Food

Mr. Sub may have a limited menu but there’s no shortage of good choices. Hot and cold subs, like the oven-baked Super Sub with roast beef, ham, turkey and bacon or the Italian with ham, genoa and salami, are popular choices. The steak sandwiches and the gyros, featuring a mix of beef, lamb and chicken carved straight from the rotisserie, make the mouth water while waiting for your order. Somewhat surprisingly, Mr. Sub also serves spaghetti with a side salad, and any sandwich or sub can be converted to a salad for those watching their weight. A couple of other curious but tasty sub selections are the Pizza Sub, the Hamburger Sub and for breakfast fans, the Egg Sub. All sandwiches are served on hoagie rolls and come with chips and a limited number of side items and beverages.

The Atmosphere

Don’t expect anything flashy at Mr. Sub. There’s a lunch counter and a limited number of tables in the small dining area. The walls are covered with old posters of the Pittsburgh Steelers and other memorabilia. The downtown location attracts a diverse customer base, from local leaders at nearby city hall to Northern tourists looking for a taste of home.


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