Martin’s Restaurant

7200 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572  •   (843) 449-1368

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About Martin’s Restaurant

This eatery has been serving breakfast and dinner in Myrtle Beach since 1994 when owner and chef Martin Dobr landed here after bouncing around the world for years.

Martin’s Restaurant Food

Having grown up in Czechoslovakia, lived in Austria, Canada, and all over the United States, Martin’s menu reflects the diversity of a globe-trotting chef. Soft Shell Crab, Frog Legs, Eggplant Egg Rolls, and Escargot Crostini are some of the appetizer highlights.

The entrees are divided into six sections (Poultry, Fish, Vegetarian, Veal, Beef, and Shellfish) and are predominantly European in provenance. Old World classics like Lobster Thermidore and Weiner Schnitzel are available along with originals like Scallops Denia (sun dried tomatoes, watercress, cream, wine and rouille sauce) and Veal Cromley (a scaloppini wrapped in proscuitto, dipped in egg and Romano cheese, and sautéed with capers and tomatoes).

Early Bird specials are also available until 6:30, and choices include Beef Burgundy, Veal Marasala, and Shrimp Scampi, with each entrée being accompanied by a soup and salad. And for dessert, Bananas Foster, Cherry Jubilee, and Crème Brulee are all prepared right at your table.    

Martin’s Restaurant Atmosphere

The elegant dining room is located on the ground floor of Long Bay Resort and can seat 175 guests. The only real view is of the kiddie-pool, and though you can’t hear the action outside, it’s all the better if you can get a table away from the splashy little people.

Martin’s Restaurant
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Martin’s Restaurant

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