Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Multiple Locations, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29572  •   (843) 497-5960

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About Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

It all started with a dream. Two brothers growing up in the restaurant business in Mexico learned all the secrets of making the best and freshest authentic Mexican cuisine. One of these brothers, Phillipe Onate, had the "American dream" of owning and operating his own restaurant in the United States. So, he and his wife and children packed up and moved to their new location in South Carolina. And that is how Margaritas Mexican Restaurant was born.

Since opening, Margaritas has thrived in the Myrtle Beach area and branched out with an additional location. Now, those craving authentic Mexican food can find Margaritas in Myrtle Beach and Conway.

The food at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant is what you would expect: Mexican! They offer a lunch and dinner menu filled with favorite classic Mexican dishes crafted with recipes that the Onate brothers learned all those years ago.


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