Food Dude Celebrates His Birthday at Various Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Sugami is a hot spot serving up fresh sushi rolls, hand made maki and delicious Asian inspired dishes.
Sugami is a hot spot serving up fresh sushi rolls, hand made maki and delicious Asian inspired dishes.

It's the Food Dude's favorite holiday - Nov. 11. Veterans Day, you say? Well, that too, but it also happens to be the Food Dude's forty-somethingth birthday.

And since I'm also a veteran, I figure it's an extra special day for me. In a perfect world, I should be fed and pampered beyond my wildest dreams.

And what better way to spend the day than a five-meal Tour de Food, featuring stops at five of my favorite restaurants on the Grand Strand. Buckle up ... but loosely:

Magnolia’s at 26th

Magnolia's at 26th 2605 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


It's the most important meal of my special day, so let's spend it in all-you-can-eat style at Magnolia's at 26th - the best breakfast buffet this side of Mammy's Kitchen, which closes in the winter.

Magnolia's puts out a spread - scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, sausage (links and patties), bacon, fried potatoes, French toast. It's like going to a breakfast cook-off between your grandmothers.

For those looking for a lighter first meal, Magnolia's also serves fresh fruit and muffins. You can also get it to go and pay by the pound. Not bad ideas for this happy buffet day because we're off to the next hot spot.

House of Blues

House of Blues 4640 Highway 17 S., North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582


Normally I would pick Chestnut Hill's popular breakfast/lunch hybrid, but this is a celebration. And a celebration calls for some live music from some of the most soulful gospel singers on the Strand.

House of Blues' Sunday Gospel Brunch is a feast for both your taste buds and ears. Combining the best of breakfast - omelets, waffles and fruit - with the best of dinner - jambalaya, fried chicken and spicy shrimp.

After topping it off with a dessert of white chocolate bread pudding and assorted brownies and cookies, you can kick back and relax to the sounds of live gospel. And you might want to sneak in a nap before Round 3.

Mr. Fish

Mr. Fish 6401 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach , SC 29572


Mr. Fish is more popularly known as a dinner spot, but you can get the same great food at a fraction of the price during lunch hours. And although the portions might be slightly smaller, Mr. Fish doesn't skimp.

The lunch and dinner menus are identical, but regulars know not to order from the menu. The daily specials listed on the dry-erase board are the way to go since it features all the fresh catches from the fish market.

A few of the regularly appearing favorites include fish tacos, crab cakes, shrimp and grits and a grilled, fried or blackened fresh catch sandwich, usualy grouper or flounder. It's impossible to make a bad choice.

Frank’s Outback

Frank's Outback 10434 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, SC 29585


How can we possible eat dinner after this all-day buffet? How can we not since we're going to my personal favorite, Frank's Outback. No trip to Pawleys Island would be complete without dining at Frank's.

First off, we get my favorite table outdoors by the fireplace and under the huge live oak. Then we read the menu and narrow our choices down to a handful of dishes. Then we hear the night's specials and flip a coin.

I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal at Frank's. In fact, I've only had great ones - one of the most tender filets ever, a memorable bowl of shrimp and grits and a cornbread-encrusted grouper I'll never forget.



Late-night snack:

OK, so it's tough to breath at this point so we need something light. And nothing is lighter and tastier in the middle of the night than a platter of delicious sushi and a hot cup of saki.

Sugami in Myrtle Beach is the perfect spot to end the perfect day, with an outdoor patio deck and a sushi and liquor bar that stay open till midnight. Specialty rolls and drinks are buy one get one from 10 to 12 p.m.

Check out the Spicy Tuna Roll, California Roll, Spider Roll, Dynamite Roll or the Myrtle Beach Roll. It's all good. And if we still have room for dessert, the Chocolate Lava Cake with a birthday candle is a happy ending.


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