106 Sayebrook Pkwy, Myrtle Beach , South Carolina 29588  •   (843) 293-8800

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About BurgerFi

If there’s one thing BurgerFi is known for, it’s (you guessed it) burgers! Located in Surfside Beach, BurgerFi has become a favorite along the Grand Strand, as well as across the United States.

BurgerFi is all about burgers, but they’re also all about helping the environment. They pride themselves on building each of their locations with environmentally-friendly best practices, and supporting the communities they serve. They also use the best beef that is grass-fed as well as hormone & antibiotic free, because they believe that we should eat healthy food, and that the cows should be treated humanely.

BurgerFi Food

BurgerFi is not your classic burger shop. Instead, think five-star restaurant meets amazing tasting burgers. Try any of BurgerFi’s delicious signature burgers, including classic selections and gourmet specialties like The CEO, which is a double Wagyu & brisket blend burger with homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli, and aged Swiss cheese. Or, opt for one of BurgerFi’s delectable hot dogs. And, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry! BurgerFi offers veggie burgers which we hear are pretty awesome. For dessert, try some custard. BurgerFi claims that it is “better than ice cream,” and they can make it into milkshakes, sundaes, floats & cows, and concretes. Of course, BurgerFi also offers craft beers and wine!

BurgerFi Atmosphere

Forget that greasy feeling you get from everyday burger joints. BurgerFi ups the ante with their crisp and simple décor, clean and inviting atmosphere, and top-notch kitchen. A fun and upscale burger place for great for a family outing or grabbing a brew and burger with your buds!

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