Bumstead’s Pub

400 Mr. Joe White Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577  •   (843) 445-6592

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About Bumstead’s Pub

Bumstead’s is considered more of a bar than a restaurant, as the name indicates, but the locally owned English pub/sports bar also manages to serve a good meal to go with the good times. Adjoining the popular Dagwood’s Deli, Bumstead’s has its own identity as a bar but shared the same commitment to quality grub.

Bumstead's Food

Traditional bar food makes up most of the menu, but Bumstead’s also serves some of the most popular sandwiches from Dagwood’s, like the Hail Mary Dipper piled high with roast beef or Bubba’s Kickin’ Chicken stacked with spicy chicken and peppers. A wide range of appetizers are on the menu, including Chicken Fritters, Blackened Shrimp and a full line of quesadillas. The dinner lineup features Fish and Chips, Fried Shrimp Basket and occasional specials. Happy hour offers discounted drinks and apps, and the bar area comes alive at night as guests stop by for an after-dinner drink and locals arrive for a nightcap.

Bumstead's Atmosphere

If an English pub and an American sports bar had a baby, it would be Bumstead’s. The décor and wide draft beer selection look like something straight from the UK, but booth seating has private TVs so American football fans can catch the games of their choice. A young crowd takes over at night but the mood is light, friendly and welcoming to all.


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